Kerala Hockey invites sealed tenders from the eligible companies/suppliers for the supply of Field Hockey equipments to

Kerala Hockey,
TC 24/1085, Thycaud P O,
Thiruvananthapuram -695014 – Kerala.
  • Last Date of Submitting Tender : 24 /12/2020 at 6 pm
  • Date of opening of Technical Bid is 27/12/2020 at 15:30 hrs.
  • For Details of the items and its specifications are available at Kerala Hockey Website: www.keralahockeyonline.com
  • For any assistance regarding participation in the tender contact Mr.Rony Raynold, Mobile No.09061104575, email: keralahockey@hockeyindia.org
  • Any addition/ deletion/ correction in the Tender Documents will be issued only on the www.keralahockeyonline.com Kerala Hockey Website only.
  • The President, Kerala Hockey reserves the Right to accept or reject any or all the tenders in part or full without assining any reasons thereot.


  • Hockey Sticks: 2500Nos
  • Hockey Ball: 1000 Nos
  • Goal Keeper kit : 50 Nos

Quantity may increase/decrease as per the decision of Kerala Hockey

Specification:As FIH guidelines

  • Hockey Stick :(Wooden Stick with sticker finish )7 ply laminated head treated with glass fibre throughout the handle balance with pu grip
  • Hockey Ball : Hollow ball 72 mm diameter Weight 156 to 163 GMs
  • Goal Keeper kit: {Goalie Gear (Std), Helmet Champ (Std), Goalie Bag (Std), Over T- Shirt (Std), Over Nicker (Std), CS Turf shoe (Cup Sole)

Terms & Conditions:

  • The quotations received after this deadline & unsealed shall not be entertained under any circumstances whatsoever. In case of postal delay this organisation will not be responsible.
  • Quotations must be in the letter head of the firm duly signed by the Proprietor/ Partner/ Director or their authorized representative, In case of signing of quotation by the authorized representative letter of authorization must be attached with the quotation.
  • Rates must be quoted separately. (if any taxes applicable )
  • No overwriting or cutting is permitted in the rate. If found, the quotation shall be summarily rejected.
  • Rs. 20000/- (Twenty Thousand only) as Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). EMD will be interest free and will released after the successful completion of Tender or Tender period which is earlier.
  • The rates quoted must be valid up to 31st March 2022 from the date of opening of the quotation and silence of any tendered on this issue shall be treated as agreed with this condition.
  • RTGS/NEFT details need to be furnished by the supplier with the quotation on the letter head of supplier/firm/agency.
  • The supplier must submit a sample of the product(s), which will be evaluated by a technical evaluation committee. The expenditure incurred for demonstrating the items will be borne by the supplier.
  • The Logo of Kerala Hockey should be printed in the outer side of the Hockey Stick and also logo should printed in all material including the accessories in Goal keeper kit is mandatory.
  • The Delivery of Hockey Sticks & balls should be done to all district offices by the supplier (Quantity and address will be provide by Kerala Hockey)
  • Delivery Period 60 days from award of work. First consignment should be delivered in 30 days from award or work.
  • Liquidated Damage: – If the supplier fails to deliver the material on or before the stipulated date, then a penalty at the rate of 0.5 % per week of the total order value shall be levied subject to maximum of 10% of the total order value.
  • Payment Terms: 30% Payment will be released on the time of despatching the consignment. 50% payment cleared after the satisfactorily delivery and balance 20% payment will be cleared after the report (3week) of the technical team (Random Check) of Kerala Hockey.
  • Disputes: -In the event of any dispute or disagreement arising between the companies/suppliers and Kerala Hockey with regards to the interpretation of “Terms & Conditions” of this inquiry, the same shall be referred to the General Secretary of Kerala Hockey whose decision will be final and binding upon the companies/suppliers .
  • Kerala Hockey reserves the right to increase or decrease quantity and / or amount of work. Decision of Quantity of material in the Kerala Hockey will be final in this regard.
  • Kerala Hockey reserves the right to reject any quotation or part or the whole of inviting quotation process without assigning any reason. Decision of the Kerala Hockey will be final in this regard.


General Secretary

Kerala Hockey